Learning from my 6 year old Self

When was it that I began to worry about time, money and other people’s expectations? Somewhere between drinking from the garden hose and accepting my first position at a brokerage company…I managed to evict lazy Sundays and delicious afternoon meals from my life. Whenever it happened, I must have been intoxicated (What really comes out of that water hose anyway?) because who in their right mind would trade hide and seek for deadlines and meetings that make you miss your lunch? I mean that’s hardly a fair trade. I’m going to take some lessons from my much younger, smarter self and relearn the organic rhythm of life. Let me tell you, 6 year old me really knew how to live. No expectations or ticking watch could have stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. I’m hoping it’s not too late for 34 year old me to get that back.

When I was little…I was a fierce negotiator. I knew what my time and my lunch were worth! My turkey sandwich, grapes and chocolate wagon wheel did not come cheap at the trade table in elementary school. “I’ll trade you for my chips and dip”, a little boy would ask. I would look at the kid, with his new haircut courtesy of his mother and a cereal bowl, and give a VERY clear, “Not a chance”! My chocolatey goodness was not going for anything less than something with whipped cream. “Sorry buddy, you’re out of luck”. Yet when I grew up, and was supposedly much wiser, I willingly traded my lunch for two hours of listening to people talk about projected sales, debits and spreadsheets. I mean, that’s not even as good as chips and dip for goodness sake!

Chocolatey Goodness

With only 103 days left in 2011 , I’m taking lunchtime back! Oh and you know what? Not just lunchtime. I’m taking it ALL back! Reading (for fun), sitting on the porch eating cherries, field trips, exercise that I actually enjoy (because I can hear birds instead of the annoying hum of florescent gym lighting), weekends that involve quality time with my husband and SLEEP! Oh sleep, ¬†how I’ve missed you. Oh…and you too hubby!

Starting today, I will take my time. I will go to the grocery store and play with my food until I find something that makes my mouth water with anticipation. Gym visits will be traded for hiking up our local mountain…because the view at the top is a much quicker reward than waiting for a pound to be lost. I’ll remember that sometimes instant gratification isn’t such a bad thing after all. I hope you take this journey with me. This life is too short to trade all of the beautiful moments for “shoulds” and “have to’s”. Oh, and if you happen to see some silly woman drinking from the water hose….it’s probably me. Come on over and ask for a slurp. I might even offer you half of my chocolate wagon wheel.